SATEMAKER Heavy Rectangular Fire Grate 82x60cm with Rotating Barbecue Grill Grid dept 32cm incl. Rake

New SATEMAKER Heavy Rectangular Fire Grate 82x60cm with Rotating Barbecue Grill Grid dept 32cm incl. Rake

SATEMAKER Rectangular fire basket 82x60cm with Rotating Barbecue Grill grid depth 32cm incl. Rake

Grilling without burning the food. Now you can do it!!!! The rotating grill grid is made of AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel. The grill grid is rotatable, 82 cm long and 32 cm deep. The rectangular Firebasket is equipped with a 14 mm diameter profile frame, lacquered.

Ideal solution for fireplaces, where you want to optimize the space inside, with the possibility to use one or two grids at will, depending on the people. Or to grill/cook differently from one grill to another, a fish and a meat.


  • Between wood, coal and charcoal embers, the difference in terms of food flavouring can be felt, but it is not dramatic. If you can, choose wood, but also charcoal and charcoal can give you satisfaction.
  • Wood needs at least 1 hour to turn into embers, so turn it on while hunger is still under control.
  • Coniferous resinous woods such as pine, larch and fir should never be used because the steak, or whoever for it, would taste like bubble bath. The best are the strong woods, such as olive, ash and oak, which have the significant advantage of lasting for a long time and of pleasantly flavouring the food. But also the sweet woods, such as beech, poplar, cherry and vine pruning, are very good. Needless to say, wood from old furniture should never be used because the steak would taste of paint and antithesis. The refined ones change the type of wood depending on the food to be roasted: olive tree for fish and sweet wood for meat. Honestly, I think it's an exaggeration.
  • The ignition technique is the same as that of the fireplace: set the fire on a solid fuel or crumpled newspaper, place on it thin branches arranged in the shape of a cowboy bonfire, which will transmit the flame to branches larger and larger.
  • The coal comes from hardwoods, the charcoal from softwoods and there is no appreciable difference between one and the other for the purposes of a barbecue.
  • Instead, it is essential that the coals are all hot before you start cooking. This means that there must be no black pieces between the embers, even better if they begin to be covered with a veil of ash.
  • Coal and charcoal are easily ignited with the solid fuels that are sold in camping equipment stores and department stores. Never think about using alcohol and other liquid fuels. Last tip: turn on the charcoal or charcoal barbecue three quarters of an hour before using it. The main difficulty of grilling is to regulate the temperature of the barbecue. The control systems are:
  • The variation of the grill-brake distance. The barbecues have a series of grooves to place the grill at an increasing distance from the bed of embers. The minimum distance is 10 cm, the maximum is 30 cm. Of course, the cooking temperature will increase as the distance decreases.
  • Barbecue door. Another thermoregulation tool is the door that closes the ash collection chamber underneath the bed of embers. When it is closed it decreases the temperature of the embers, when it is open it increases it, and also by a lot. If you then need a significant reinforcement of eastern temperature the mouth of the stove against the wind or, if there is good weather, wave with a fan stove or, more simply, with a piece of cardboard in the direction of the door open.
  • Ash on the embers. It lowers the temperature according to its quantity. If removed, the temperature increases.
  • Drastic method to decrease the temperature. Nothing works as well as a little wine sprayed on the grill. This operation becomes indispensable in case of fire of the embers that, as the word says, must always be only embers, never flame.

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PALLET Delivery - 1 Man Delivery Service for barbecues weighing more than 30 kg (delivery 1 or 2 weeks)

Most deliveries of more than 30 kg are delivered on a (wooden) pallet, this is to ensure that your order arrives in perfect condition. The delivery will not be able to carry the deliveries down the stairs or down, do not carry / drive the barbecue through the house, etc., Do not drive the pallet over a gravel driveway / road or through a special steep driveway / off etc.. Unfortunately, the conveyor belt is not able to remove or open items from the pallet or return the pallet. The driver can only place the pallet physically as much as possible, but that can also be the main road.


For pallet deliveries it can be assumed that the delivery will be carried out with a long truck. Please contact us if there are weight, height or parking restrictions or if you have difficulty accessing before your order is dispatched. We can then make alternative arrangements, if this is not done, the result in a failed delivery. The extra costs for a new delivery will be charged to the customer who placed the order. If not present on the day of delivery on date specified, additional costs will be charged for a 2nd delivery. For more information please contact us at + 31 (0) 70-2505720.

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