SATEMAKER eBBQ New York Electric L-1800W

Out Of Stock SATEMAKER eBBQ New York Electric L-1800W

SATEMAKER eBBQ New York Electric L-1800W

Electric barbecue made entirely from Aisi 430 stainless steel. With eBBQ you can even cook indoors, and thanks to the 1800 Watt electric heating the meat will be prepared in an ideal way.


  • Volume weight: 8kg
  • Dimension: 67x14x9cm
  • Product weight: 2.5kg


Place the grill on a stable and level surface and out of the reach of children. Keep a distance of at least 30 cm between the product and the objects around it. During use or immediately afterwards, the grill, the container and the water are enclosed in the drawer and become very hot. Then wait for the time to cool before moving the device.

  • Remove all packaging material;
  • Wash the device as described in the "CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE" section;
  • Insert the two grid supports (4) in the drawer (2) in the appropriate seats;
  • Place the grill (1) in the drawer (2);
  • Fill the drawer (2) with water and make sure that you do not exceed the MAX level (5);
  • Make sure the ON / OFF switch of the resistor is in the OFF position;
  • Place the resistor (3) in the seats in the drawer (2);
  • Connect the device to an electrical outlet;
  • WARNING The electric heater must not touch the grill;
  • Set the resistance switch to the ON position;
  • Wait 5 minutes for the heating element to heat up. When it is turned on the device for the first time, it may emit smoke or odors caused by the fabrics protective measures applied during manufacture. This is normal and has no influence on the security unit;
  • Place the food on the grill;
  • Move the switch to the "0FF" position to switch off the grill;
  • Unplug the power cord and let it cool completely. Handle, wash and store the product;
  • DO NOT use the grill without placing water in the drawer.

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